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What Is an International Bank Account Number (IBAN)?

An IBAN, or international bank account number, is a standard international numbering system developed to identify an overseas bank account. The number starts with a two-digit country code, then two numbers, followed by up to third-five alphanumeric characters, knowing that IBAN in IRAQ is include from 23 digit. However, an IBAN does not replace a bank's own account number, as it’s only meant to provide additional information that helps in identifying overseas payments.

example: - IQ20BABI701008888816342
The acceptance formula for the account which is contain 21 digits whether it has break (/) or not. 
  •  The branch number must be 4 digits, so if it 3 digits you must add Zero to the left of number for example: -

                     The branch 701 it will be 0701.

  • Customer number must be 7 digits, so if it doesn’t have 7 digits you must replace each missing digit with zero on the left of the number.
         The following is the examples: -

The 21 digits account number

Customer number after adding

Customer number







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