Gold Loans

Gold Loans

The Bank of Baghdad has developed a product for obtaining a loan guaranteed by gold. Through this product, the customer can invest in gold smartly and safely to obtain the required funding, without the need to sell or exchange the gold.

This funding is intended to help women, without the need to sell their gold to obtain the funding facility.

Product Description:

Obtaining a cash funding amount in exchange for the pledged gold. Once the entire loan payments are settled, the customer gets the gold back in full.

Gold loan advantages:

  • Choosing the repayment period that suits you at the end of the loan period.
  • Free gold storage service with maximum security.
  • No guarantors required.
  • No salary transfer required.
  • Funding offered to housewives.
  • Possible renewal of the gold loan several times.
  • Up to 20 million dinars.