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إن مصرف بغداد، بفروعه ال40، هو واحد من أكبر المصارف التجارية الخاصة في العراق. رؤيتنا هي دمج التقنية مع خدمة العملاء. لقد برز مصرف بغداد كواحد من أكبر المصارف في المنطقة التي تقدم الخدمات المالية بجودة وثقة تامة.

ATM Service

Millions of people around the world use the ATM every day, as long as it provides the funds that you need and the ATM service services of our Bank in most of our branches in addition to shopping malls and other facilities where 60 ATM is in Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces, which in turn provide...


Banking Payment Card (Visa Electron)

The banking payment card (debit card) that is provided by Bank of Baghdad is identified as Visa Electron. It is a plastic card provided with electronic chip technique (smart Chip) and personal Identification Number (PIN), which gives its users more security in the electronic payment processes. ...